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Living Waters Fellowship:

Senior Pastors & Apostles Jimmie & Sarah Lewis have walked with the Lord and in ministry for many years now. They have been the Senior Pastors of Living Waters Fellowship in St. James, Missouri for about 10 years. Also, they are called and sent by God to be Apostles to Tanzania, East Africa and wherever the Lord God sends them next. 

God has given us, as an Apostolic team, the mandate to walk together as Apostles for the purpose of raising up 5-Fold ministers and training the body of Christ to walk in all that the finished by Jesus has provided. Also, bringing God's people into the knowledge of His established Kingdom on the earth today. We have become a Kingdom of Priest unto our God and we reign with Christ in the now. 

Apostles, Dr. Bill & Faye Hanshew have flowed in ministry much of their lives. First with their parents and then now, in all of their married life. They have been Pastors for many years and now they serve as Apostles of Jesus, with a mandate to train up others for the work of the ministry. Today, God is doing a new thing according to Isaiah 43:18-20 and we are recognizing the call of the Spirit to walk in the revelation knowledge of His Word and to walk in the finished works of Jesus. 

Join us every Sunday morning at Living Waters Fellowship 
400 East James Blvd, St. James Missouri 

We meet on Sunday's at 10 am & Wednesday's at 6 pm
Sunday is a time of Worship, sharing & the Word of God. 
Wednesday is a time of fellowship (5:30 pm) Bible Study 
from the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ
All at 400 E. James Blvd, St. James Missouri 

For questions about general church operations, email Aposlte & Senior Pastor Jimmie Lewis at jdsl1941@gmail.com 

For questions about our Wednesday Bible Study, 
email Dr. Bill Hanshew at wwfmrolla@gmail.com 

Blessings to you all - through the knowledge 
of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We hope you will consider being a part of the LWF family 

MP3 sermons from live services at 
Living Waters Fellowship

Apostle, Pastor Jimmie Lewis: 

Apostle, Dr. Bill Hanshew: 

Guest Speakers: 

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