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WBSITC & BHM is a partnership of ministers & believers, based on the belief that people's needs are of the utmost importance to God and us. Our response to those needs is through the preaching & teaching of God's Word! 

We extend to you the opportunity to join us in local Bible Studies, Church fellowship gatherings and to partner with us as we have the opportunity to visit with you, from place to place. We speak encouragement to you as we expect God to touch your life and set you free in whatever area of need you might have. 
WBSITC/BHM is a local home-based ministry & we preach the Word of God through traveling in ministry, training leaders & preaching by Skype in other nations, or through World Bible School Webinars and by publishing an international e-magazine called Faith Unlimited as well as in other areas of media ministry. We know that no one but God is absolutely perfect; however, we encourage you to be bold in the Lord and get into His Word and be transformed as you have also been perfected in Christ Jesus. 
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World Bible School International Training Center (WBSITC) and World Bible School University (WBSU) are online ministries. For any other ministry activities or questions, contact Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew at drbill.wbsu@gmail.com

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PO Box 4826 
Joplin Missouri 64803-4826
Office Phone: (None at this time) 


Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew's email: wbsitc.drbill@gmail.com 
Dr. Faye Hanshew's email: wbsitc.fayeh@gmail.com 
Bill Hanshew Ministries: billhanshewministries@gmail.com 
Inspired Creations Publishing Company: inspiredcreationspublishing@gmail.com 

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Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew ~ drbill.wbsu@gmail.com 
Dr. Faye Hanshew ~ drfaye.wbsu@gmail.com 

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Worship & Word Fellowship & Ministries, Inc. is a continuing work of (Faith Ministries International Incorporated) which God began in Pastors Bill & Faye Hanshew in 1988. 
In 1994, God sent Dr. Bill & Faye (Bill Hanshew Ministries) prophetically to Rolla, Missouri, to establish a local church ministry, which at that time was called "Miracle Life Christian Center." 
We refer to Worship & Word Fellowship & Ministries, Inc., as "WWFM." And as a ministry, we believe that three basic elements make a well-balanced fellowship group, which are "Worship" - the "Word" - and "Fellowship."  
We pray that you will be blessed and encouraged in the Lord today. If you are discouraged, rejoice in the God of your salvation, stay in the Word, and ask the Holy Spirit to bring the Word alive in you. 
As we share the message of God's love with you now and over time, we pray that God will bring you to being filled with all that God has for you through His promises and purposes for your life. Whether we minister locally or abroad, we continue to preach the same message of faith and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, as having provided the answer for "all things that pertain to life and godliness," found in the principles of God's Word. 
Faye & I left our position as local church pastors, and now, we are part of an Apostolic team as we have become pastors to Pastors & leaders around the world, completely by God's grace. And now our ministry name has been changed to "WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER." 

WBSITC - WBSU Background
Bishop Dr. Bill & Dr. Faye Hanshew were raised in and around the time of great Pentecostal revivals and have personally experienced the power of the Holy Ghost working in their lives. They have been in part or full-time ministry even before they met and married in 1973.
Dr. Bill & Dr. Faye have participated in and pastored churches and headed up various ministerial groups together for more than 46 years. They are Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, and Founders of the World Bible School International Training Center (WBSITC), and Founders of World Bible School University (WBSU) in Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
While they no longer pastor a local church congregation, they are either doing church meetings, holding conferences, teaching Seminars, Bible Studies, or holding various ONLINE meetings through Webinars, which is defined as a Seminar on the Worldwide Web.
Dr. Bill & Dr. Faye understand and have a heart for God's people in general, especially when educating leaders. God sends them to connect with pastors as mentors, encouragers, and teachers of the Word of God. 
We began our joint ministry in 1973 as Christian speakers, and in time, began teaching with Life Christian University through our own Worship and Word Christian University. In time, we moved to a larger town and began to plan and form World Bible School University, an online program intending to reach the world with a better understanding of the Bible.
From 2017 – 2019 Drs. Bill and Faye worked with Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. in his University, Grace International Bible University.  Dr. Bill was a member of the Board of Trustees, a Department Head, Instructor, and International Consultant for GIBU.  Dr. Faye was a member of the Board of Trustees, the International Administrator and Graphics Designer for GIBU. 

Today, WBSU is moving forward in educating the nations of the world with the Finished Work of Jesus, who is the person of Grace and Truth. God’s message of unconditional Love and Grace is enlightening the minds of men and women everywhere about walking in God’s love toward their fellow man. 

Bill Hanshew Ministries
PO Box 4826
Joplin MO 64803-4826

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